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About us

About Us

Royex Technologies is a leading mobile app development and web design company in Qatar. We offer high-quality mobile app development services and website design solutions for companies, regardless of their sizes. Our highly experienced team has successfully developed and delivered 300+ projects for several clients across the Middle East cities and countries like Qatar, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and the UAE. 

Currently, we're operating our business in four countries. Our Sales and Support Team in Qatar works relentlessly to assist you with the prompt support you need. And our offices in India and Bangladesh are entrusted with the responsibility of the design and development process. We have more than 50 skilled people working for our company at these four locations. 

We employ fewer people in our Qatar and Dubai offices to keep our costs to a minimum level and offer you a competitive price in consequence. This doesn't affect the customer services we provide in Dubai and Qatar because our support team is always there to conduct face-to-face meetings and explain every detail of the project to stakeholders. We also provide trackable online support to ensure excellent client support and comfort for our valued customers. Moreover, to deal with bugs, errors, and other similar issues, clients get seamless free support for two years. 

Our expert team comprises highly-skilled, experienced, and certified software engineers, software architects, and developers. We're committed to achieving exponential growth in the web design and app development industry. 

If you want to turn your dream project and unique ideas into reality, contact us today. We'll analyze your requirements and offer you feasible solutions to help you achieve your desired goals. We aim at providing scalable, competitive, and profitable solutions for our clients. We are here in Qatar to help companies with small, medium, and large businesses. With us, they can smoothly keep their businesses up and running to grow bigger and attain their business goals. 

About Us

Why Royex

Benefits of Working With Us

Benefits of Working With Us

Creative designs - We don't just create a website. Our principle is defining the design objectives and keeping your business's goals in mind while we strive to make your dream a reality.

Latest Technologies -We believe in innovation and staying updated with the latest technologies. We implement these technologies in our development by continuously trying to advance our work with them.

Cost-effective - Cost-effectiveness is one of our key strengths. However, we don't compromise quality to provide the most affordable solutions that make us stand apart from others.

Our Team - We are proud to have an arsenal of talented developers and designers who are highly skilled in providing high-quality web and mobile app solutions. They take a unique approach in understanding each project's goals and deliver accordingly.

Our Achievements - Our team has received AWS certifications demonstrating their technical prowess and proficiency.

Our Team

We are a group of experienced and skilled software architects, engineers and developers lead by our key strategist and decision-maker Rajib Roy, we can give you the perfect solution for any of your ideas and guide you to the best and suitable technology for your project which will enhance your target user's experience. Meet us and experience the difference.


Swapan Kumar Roy Managing Director


Rajib Roy CEO


Rony Banik Head of Accounts and HR


Arpita Roy Digital Marketer