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Ecommerce Website Design And Development Cost In Qatar
09 May 2021

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Ecommerce Website Design And Development Cost In Qatar

E-commerce platforms are a necessary component of any business, whether it is a company or a well-established enterprise. Everybody requires an online store to sell their goods.

When developing an e-commerce application, it is critical that we comprehend every part of the platform we will employ. Where it comes to E-commerce, WordPress is a household name. It was one of the first open source Content Management Systems ever created, and it now controls 27 percent of all websites on the planet.

WordPress is older than Twitter and Facebook, but before woo-commerce, it was merely a content management system (CMS) and not an e-commerce website. Woo-commerce is a WordPress plugin that allows users to convert their blog into an e-commerce shopping platform. However, several developers believe that woo-status commerce's as a plugin restricts their ability to think beyond the box (although they are fantastic if developers will configure the plugin from the ground up).

Magento is a stand-alone website designed exclusively for e-commerce. Magento used to be owned by eBay, but it is now owned by Adobe. Magento is the most successful and well-known open-source eCommerce site in the world today. PHP was used to build this website. Magento is a user-friendly, quicker, more versatile, and modular eCommerce platform that is open to every smartphone and has all of the functionality we want in an e-commerce platform built-in.

Both WordPress and Magento are industry giants in terms of culture and quality. Shopify, Opencart, Monster Marketplace, Wix, Squarespace, Prestashop, VirtueMart, and other e-commerce platforms are now accessible. Although WordPress and Magento need real growth, allowing us to pour in our ideas and customize them to some degree, others such as Shopify, Wix, and Opencart are simple to use platforms that need little technological sophistication but have only the most basic functionality and little customizations, in other words, scalability is severely restricted.


Factors that influence Ecommerce website development costs

Factors that influence Ecommerce website development costs

E-Commerce solutions

We assist clients in the design and development of Shopify Solutions, Magento Solutions, Woo Commerce Solutions, and OpenCart Solutions, depending on the ease or complexity of the e-commerce web development framework and which management features and functionality to be built into an online store. We place an emphasis on the flexibility of technologically tailored applications for companies, as opposed to plug-and-play solutions for start-ups and small businesses, which are dependent on budget and technical criteria.

Custom web design

The vast majority of e-commerce web solutions have themes, styles, or templates that can be purchased. These serve as a fast and cost-effective solution for start-ups and small businesses seeking to purchase a basic theme and get it customized. The price of custom web design and construction is determined by the features and capabilities that are needed.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX)

The most critical aspect of every e-commerce site design is having a strong user interface. Our experienced UI/UX team remains centered on the desires of prospective travelers in order to convert them into lead consumers and paying customers. An intuitive e-commerce shop GUI can entice customers to make a purchase by assisting them in rapidly and efficiently identifying their desired items without any annoying errors or delays. A strong user experience template focuses on both the industry and future consumers. Also after the initial production and delivery, testing the efficacy of UX architecture is an ongoing task.

Leading e-commerce sites such as Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce provide full support for the incorporation of modules/extensions to incorporate functionality at a fraction of the cost of a custom creation. As a result, it's critical to check if the extensions are usable in order to have the required functionality without increasing the price. Aside from the extensions, the expense of custom e-commerce site creation is determined by the number of hours available for development and testing.

Support & Maintenance

Often keep in mind the costs associated with e-commerce web development; as a result, you would almost certainly need preparation and assistance for your website. Maintenance costs are determined by the features and capabilities of an e-commerce website as well as the complexity of the production framework. However, you can employ a dedicated resource to manage the web design process and gain a high-level understanding of e-commerce web creation by hiring a dedicated resource.

Website Host

website host

Since dedicated servers usually provide a form of lodging in their bundles, the method of domain hosting is somewhat predictable. Hosting costs are low for stores based on configurable platforms and rise as the needs grow. Start with a basic plan and move to a higher-end domain hosting package as your needs and traffic develop.


Development cost of ecommerce website design and development based on platform

Development cost of ecommerce website design and development based on platform

Popular eCommerce website development platforms include:

  • WooCommerce
  • UCommerce
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • WoopEMS


WooCommerce is the most famous eCommerce and content management system in the world, as well as in Qatar. You've already heard of Woo-commerce whether you're a WordPress customer or also if you've heard of WordPress. Although the simple plugins are free, if you need additional functionality, you can need to purchase premium extensions.

Development cost in Qatar: QAR 15000 to QAR 20000



Unlike WordPress, Magento is exclusively designed for e-commerce, but it comes with many of the features you'd expect from an e-commerce website. It has a sizable array of e-commerce-specific themes.

Development cost in Qatar: QAR 18000 to QAR 25000



OpenCart is a PHP and MySQL-based e-commerce application that is simple to use and grow. They provide assistance in several languages and currencies. Multi-store help is one of the strongest qualities, allowing you to run several shops from a single admin screen.

Development cost in Qatar: QAR 12000 to QAR 16000



Shopify is a ready-to-use e-commerce app that was created specifically for this purpose. Unlike other e-commerce websites, Shopify does not provide access to the code to its users; however, it provides a prestigious utility and funding for it.

Development cost in Qatar: QAR 15000


Other Platforms

UCommerce: QAR 18000 to QAR 30000 

Custom Ecommerce Platform: QAR 35000 to QAR 55000


Royex Technologies is a leading e-commerce design and development company in Qatar. We have experience developing hundreds of projects for our clients in the GCC, including several Mobile Apps, Websites, and other Solutions. So we have the expertise perfect for your requirements. We have mentioned our development cost for each platform, which depends on the complexity of the application and the timeline available. If interested, please call us at +971566027916 or mail us at, and we can send you a proposal based on your idea.

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