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AWS Cloud Consulting and Maintenance in Qatar

AWS Cloud Server Design and Consultancy

AWS Cloud Server Design and Consultancy

Royex Technologies is a top-rated web design and app development company in Qatar that provides AWS cloud services and maintenance in Qatar. AWS offers over 2000 services/products, and you can design your servers with these services in several ways. We have years of experience in AWS consultancy and cloud deployment. Our industry experts can help you with the best AWS services as per your needs. We strive to ensure cost-effective AWS solutions equipped with the best server architecture, security, and performance.

AWS Cloud server Maintenance

AWS Cloud server Maintenance

You need to maintain your servers for the best outputs. Regular maintenance and monitoring can prevent server failure from becoming a server disaster. You need to keep track of your servers to know how it is performing. We monitor our clients' servers and prepare weekly or monthly reports on the server performance. We have scheduled maintenance activities to ensure the servers are up and running smoothly. 

AWS Cloud Consulting & Maintenance Services

A Advisory


We offer advisory services to help companies adopt organizational change and achieve tangible business results using AWS Cloud's services.

L Large-Scale Migration

Large-Scale Migration

We aim to provide an excellent server for you by automating and accelerating many applications' migration to the Amazon Web Services cloud.

S Security, Risk, and Compliance

Security, Risk, and Compliance

We've gathered experience and technical expertise on managing AWS Cloud to supervise migration of sensitive applications, ensuring optimal security and minimum risks.

O Operations Integration

Operations Integration

We use our robust, automated, and agile IT operations to optimize the servers' governance capabilities.

B Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data & Machine Learning

You can add a new dimension to big data processing and machine learning with AWS services.

A Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Amazon AI services, frameworks, platforms, infrastructures, and cloud integrations can alleviate your artificial intelligence performance.

I Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

We ensure the use of purpose-specific services to manage AWS services and connect relevant devices for IoT.

D Databases


You need to architect, administrate, and migrate various AWS database services to develop a database ideal for your business.

H High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Speed up your research process and reduce the work processing time by executing your High-Performance Computing (HPC) initiatives.

M Mobile


Creating, testing, optimizing, and deploying mobile applications can scale to millions of users worldwide.

E End-User Computing

End-User Computing

You can deploy cloud computing services for any given number of users by managing cloud scalability, accessibility, and enhanced security.

D DevOps


You can make use of automation, seamless integration, continuous delivery, and standard engineering practices to facilitate your journey to DevOps.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What is AWS


AWS, aka Amazon Web Services, refers to an on-demand cloud computing platform that offers enhanced security and excellent functionality. This platform comes with more than 90 full-fledged services dedicated to computing, storage, networking, application services, deployment, analytics, identity management, access control, directory services, and more to help your business scale and grow. Since the launch of AWS in 2006, it has gained immense popularity as a cloud service provider. Millions of customers are now using AWS to build complicated applications with great scalability, enhanced flexibility, and security.

Why Use AWS(Amazon Web Services)



You can analyze your estimated costs and usage with the help of AWS platforms. You have to pay only for the services you take, such as computing power, storage, and other required resources. No long-term contracts or advanced commitments are not mandatory. Moreover, you'll get access to AWS Economic Center and compare AWS's competitor hosting services' costs.



AWS allows you to choose the development platform aligning with your business needs. You'll get virtual environments where you can load the services and software your application needs. Be it a web application, database, and any other service, you can choose as you see fit for your business. AWS offers this flexibility for its users and allows them to come up with innovative solutions.

Scalable and High-Performance

Scalable and High-Performance

Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, and other scalable and high-performance AWS tools can help you scale up or down your application as per the requirements. You can easily access Amazon's huge infrastructure to manage computing power and storage resources.



AWS comes with an end-to-end approach to harden and secure our infrastructure consisting of physical, software, and operational measures. We aim to integrate multiple layers of security in physical and operational environments to ensure the data are secure and intact.



It would be best to find a reliable and highly rated cloud vendor for a hassle-free operation of your application. As backs this platform and already AWS services are used in multi-dollar online businesses, you can put your trust in its integrity. AWS is a completely reliable cloud service provider.

Easy to use

Easy to use

All of AWS services offer great ease of use. You can conveniently and securely host your applications using AWS, no matter if the application is brand new or an existing SaaS-based application. The AWS Management Console is easy to use. It offers well-documented and established web services APIs to help users access its hosting platform quickly and effectively. 

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