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Web Design Company In Qatar

Website Designing Company in Qatar

Website Designing Company in Qatar

Royex is the leading Website Designing Company in Qatar, specializing in building professional websites to help build your business and online presence. Our reliable design and development web services. We have a dedicated team of creative and committed web developers who make the most of UI/UX designs following the best web design practices.

We prioritize understanding our client's needs and requirements and use that to create amazing websites showcasing our expertise. As a result, we are one of the most recommended web design companies in Qatar. Just visit our portfolio, and the results will speak for themselves.


A Reliable Web Development Company in Qatar

A Reliable Web Development Company in Qatar

We are a reliable and successful Web Design Company in Qatar. Our core principle lies in believing that a website doesn't end with ".com" but with success. At Royex, we are up for any challenge in creating any website and web design. Whether you want a news website or an ecommerce portal, we can do it all. We keep up with the latest technologies required in creating amazing websites that provide a unique experience for our users. We have the experience of developing more than 300 websites in the Middle East Market.

Salient features of our Website Design

U Unique Design

Unique Design

All our designs are made from scratch, ensuring uniqueness. We don't use pre-made templates.

R Responsive Design

Responsive Design

All our websites are 100% responsive on any device. We aim for complete compatibility when it comes to responsive web design.

U User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX)

Our skilled and committed UX designer to strive to provide an ideal user experience through our Website Design

U Unlimited Design Revision

Unlimited Design Revision

We will revise the Design of your Website until you are completely satisfied with the result. That is our commitment.

C Content Management System

Content Management System

We work with multiple CMS, including WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, Joomla, Kentico, among many others. We can either suggest the one that's best for you, or you could let us know your preference.

C Custom CMS

Custom CMS

If any of the aforementioned CMS doesn't cut it for you, we are ready to develop a Custom CMS for you using ASP.NET or Laravel framework.

Our Web Design and Development Process

Our Web Design and Development Process


Our web design and development principles and process make us the best web designing company in Qatar. Our experts can easily identify and recognize your specific design and development needs and develop a solution accordingly. As a leading website designing company in Qatar, we specialize in clean and responsive design and navigation that will draw users to your website and compel them to stay. Work with us, and you will soon find out why we stand apart from our competitors. A well-designed website is necessary for any online business, and we realize this and strive hard to make your dream idea a reality.

Our Web design and Development Process


1. Identifying Main Goals:

The first stage involves figuring out the purpose of the website and finding the target audience accordingly. This helps establish the goals of the company, the customer base, and the competitors.

2. Scope of the project:

Once we have established the website's goals, planning is done to determine the website's scope that includes the components of the site, the number of pages, and what content should be on the website.

3. Sitemap and Wireframes:

A sitemap reveals the overall navigation map of a website and how the pages are interrelated. A wireframe is a blueprint that shows what elements are present on each page.

4. Content Development:

Once the website's structure is established, we can focus on creating SEO-optimized content for the website.

5. Website Design:

With the information about the website, the content, and the website's structure at hand, we can now proceed towards designing the visual elements of the website. If the clients have a design in mind, they can share it with us or suggest one that improves user experience. Different style elements can be added to enhance the website's beauty to make it look more appealing.

6. Testing:

Once the website design is completed, extensive testing must be performed before launching it. The website must be tested thoroughly on multiple devices and web browsers to find any broken links or navigational issues. The content should be tested for any grammatical errors, and finally, all the website's functionalities must be tested.

7. Launch:

After multiple testing and reviews, the site is now ready for launch. Launching the website simultaneously makes a lot of difference and helps users understand your website better. 


What is Web Design?

Web design is the process of designing a website that is accessible over the internet. It involves the user experience of the website development rather than solely software development.

Why is Web Design Important?

A survey reveals 66% of the people prefer seeing something beautifully designed compared to something plain and bland. Hence, website design is an integral component of your online presence. A good website design means better business opportunities for your business.

Why Choose Royex for Website Design

Latest Design Trends

Latest Design Trends

Royex Technologies web design team brings life to your website via smooth animations, creative micro-interactions, aesthetically pleasing designs, responsive on all devices, and overall, a trendy and functional website. We employ the latest trends that are prevalent in the web design industry. Our cutting-edge designs have made us the leading website designing company in Qatar.

Industry & Competitor Analysis

Industry & Competitor Analysis

We strive to provide website designs that are compatible with your brand and reflect the industry that you are associated with. Our designs will uniquely promote your identity and make you stand out from the competition. Hence, we analyze competitor websites to get an understanding of the level of competitiveness. This is the standard we have set for ourselves, making us the top web design company in Qatar.

Experience in Designing Hundreds of Websites

Experience in Designing Hundreds of Websites

Our team has the experience of developing and designing over 300 websites for our clients all over the Middle East. Our services have expanded to over 30 industries, including service industries, entertainment industry, healthcare, sports, media, etc. Whatever industry your business belongs to, we have the expertise to deliver you a professional-looking website.

Ready to Support

Ready to Support

Our team of dedicated service personnel is always at your disposal to serve you. We are available via multiple communication channels such as Whatsapp, Skype, Email, or Phone. When you sign an Annual Maintenance Contract, we will take care of your website, and you can focus on running your business.

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